World Bodypainting Photo Days 2014

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Workshops, seminars, photo contests

at the WBF 29 June - 6 July 2014

Pörtschach at lake Wörthersee, Austria


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The Photo Days

Since 1998 the most colourful event in the world has taken place in Carinthia, the southernmost province of Austria.The festival has a very long tradition and founded the modern bodypainting art movement.

At 17th World Bodypainting Festival, the World Championships, artists from over 40 different nations will present the most amazing art for visitors to marvel at, and to make people think and laugh. High quality art becomes an experience for all visitors in the open air art park "Bodypaint City".

WBF2013 by-Hans-Hopper
Photo Hans Hopper

With this evanescent body art, photography is an essential part of the festival. Over the years the "World Bodypainting Photo Days" powered by CANON have evolved with more and more content.

The event site is located in the picturesque parkland of the peninsula in Pörtschach , surrounded by the emerald green Lake Wörthersee. In addition, the charming resort offers a vibrant restaurant scene, perfect opportunities for the " WB Academy" program and all side events.

WBF2013 Installation-Art1
Photo Bella Volen / Installation Art by Art Color Ballet


The Photo Days include the following activities

within the WB Academy
( Pre-program from Sunday to Thursday)

  • Workshops: ( Nude , Fashion, Gothic , Surreal, Digital Image Processing )
  • Lectures: ( Digital Imaging , Workflow, Tools, Software )

within the main days
(Friday - Sunday)

  • Presentations at Speakers Corner
  • WBF Photo Action Bay new
  • Trade show area
  • Photo cordoned areas to holders of photo tickets ( strictly limited )
  • WBF photo contests in 2 categories

465 Andreas-Rainer
Photo Andreas Rainer / Artist Olga Sokolova


WBF program scheme

(click to enlarge)

WBF Programmschema




The WB Academy program and side eventswill take place from Sunday to Thursday in the evenings before of the main days. There are a variety of workshops such as nudes, Gothic, or surreal photography workshops offered for photographers. These program highlights are limited to small groups and have participation fees. Contents and prices are available in the section "WB Academy".

From partners such as Adobe , there are also lectures on topics such as workflow, image processing, 3D and more.
These lectures are free for owners of photo tickets or participants in any WB Academy program.

WB-Academy Area

205 Michaela-Pucher 235 Michaela-Pucher
Photo Michaela Pucher, Artist Fredi Schmid // Julia Ochkan



In the Open Air Art Park, the "Bodypaint City" you will find the exhibition area, the artists tents as well as the photo areas.
Digital Creative Corner, Photo Action Bay with professional lighting equipment from Hensel or Sun Bounce, service areas and more are spread throughout the park .

After the completion of the artistic work on the models, they pose exclusively in the "Photo Award Area" and Photo Ticket holders can make the most fantastic shots for the photo contest here. In addition, photo ticket holders also have access to the front of stage area.

Karsten Skrabal13-3
Photo Karsten Skrabal, Artist Matteo Arfanotti


282 Julie-Boehm
Photo Julie Böhm

The WBF Photo Contest  “World Bodypainting Photo Award“

For 17 years , there has also been a photo competition, which honors the best submissions in two categories. Only photos that have been made in the respective year are allowed in this competition.

Anyone can participate. Photo Ticket holders can take part free of charge. Visitors who want to obtain a photo ticket, may submit their work for a fee .

There are two award categories

  • Single Photo
  • Series of 3new

The best works will be awarded and honored with a World Award trophy, cash and product prizes.
The works will be shown at the festival the following year.
Many photos are printed in the photo catalog and sent free of charge to each participant .


Explanation of Categories

  • Single Photo:

This category includes all work to be submitted as a single image. It is an open category in which all corrections, filters or post-processing can be made. Note that the topic of body painting must be the main component of the image.

The photo must have been made in 2014 at the World Bodypainting Festival .

  • Series of 3:new

In this category three individual photos shall be submitted .There should be a relationship between the motifs. The category is also open- all corrections, filters or post-processing can be made. Digital compositions or abstract are also possible. In the series, the theme body painting / installation art from the World Bodypainting Festival must be present.

The history, or at least one image must be of the World Bodypainting Festival 2014.

581 Philippe-Theunissen 109 Peter-Ziegler
Photo Philippe Theunissen // Peter Ziegler, Artist Kristina Elizarova

Conditions of Participation "World Bodypainting Photo Award“ powered by CANON

  • Single Photo:
    EOnly works created at the festival between 4-6 July are eligible. It must be recognizable that this picture has been taken at this year's festival. A mix of photographic material from previous years is not permitted.
  • Series of 3:
    Photo material from the festival with pictures or picture elements from outside the WBF 2014 may be.
  • The number of submissions :
    - A maximum of 8 in category "frame" and
    - A maximum of 2 "3 series"
  • Please send the work via disk or via e-mail to us. The e- mail address is made known to the participants after the event.
  • The image files should be in . Jpg format with a minimum loss of quality or . Tif format , 300 dpi resolution and at least 20x30 cm or 2480 x 3508 pixels , RGB Color Mode.
  • The deadline is the 30th September 2014
  • Each of the works must be provided with a title. This serves to identify the photo in the results .
  • Each series must have a title and a serial number, each 1 - 2 - 3 identifying the running order.
  • It is not allowed, to send the same photos in both categories.
  • The name of the participant must not appear in the photo. The evaluation must be anonymous .
  • From the pictures, a photo catalog is produced which is sent free of charge to all participants (photographers, artists and models ) .


Category "Single Photo“ is awared as follows*:

1 Place World Award Trophy + € 1,000 cash + Canon product price
2 Place € 700 in cash
3 Place € 300 in cash

Participants up to the 10th Place receive a certificate.


Category "Series of 3"new will be awarded as follows:

1 Place World Award Trophy + € 700 cash + Canon product price
2 Place € 400 in cash
3 Place € 200 in cash

Participants up to the 10th Place receive a certificate.


Photo Rights

  • The photos may be used any time without request for publications about the World Bodypainting Festival.
    With outside photo contests or exhibitions, please give credit to the artist and that the photos were created at the World Bodypainting Festival.
  • The photos are not for any commercial use without prior agreement of the model, the artist and the organizer.
    If photos are sold for specific purposes, the artist and the model must be included in the billing.
    This can be done individually or with the following rate.

    - 60 % for the photographer
    - 20 % for the artist
    - 20 % for the model

  • It is absolutely prohibited to include any work form the festival in any erotic content or media.

675 Tobias-Spranger2
Photo Tobias Spranger


Free special program


With the support of "Datacolour" we are happy to present you a very selected and informative program with Christoph Kaltsei. 



  • Wednesday, 10:30 - 16:00
    Meeting point Registration Desk
    Theme: Flash Seminar - better photos with little efford. Camera setup, flash set-up, lights 
    powered by Datacolor
    Participation is free when registration in advance!
  • Thursday, 10:30 - 16:00
    Meeting point Registration Desk
    Theme: Adobe Lightroom Workshop - the best photo
    powered by Datacolor
    Participation is free when registration in advance!


  • Friday in Bodypaint City
    Live on Stage - Flash photography with models, app. 90 min.
    powered by Datacolor
    Details in the main program or show guide on site 

  • Saturday in Bodypaint City
    Photoshop Styled, Photoshop CC in action
    Live on Stage - Flash photography with models, app. 90 min.
    powered by Datacolor
    Details in the main program or show guide on site


  • Sunday in Bodypaint City
    Photo Action & Photoshop Postproduction in Aktion
    Live on Stage - Flash photography with models, app. 90 min.
    powered by Datacolor
    Details in the main program or show guide on site


Participation Fees & Photo Ticket

Photo Ticket at the WBF includes: 

  • Entry to the restricted photo contest area (Photo Award Area)
  • Entry to the restricted area in front of the main stage
  • Admission to all evening events in Bodypaint City
  • Participation to the free WB Academy Adobe programs
  • Participation in the Adobe Master tricks with Christoph Kaltseis in Bodypaint City
  • Participation in the photo contest "World Bodypainting Photo Award"
  • Photo Catalog

€ 159 / members of the W.B.A. (World Bodypainting Association) € 149


Photo Ticket & VIP GOLD Pass

  • This Combi-ticket is valid at all the main days of 4 - 6 July and includes all benefits of the "Photo Pass" and "VIP Gold Pass"
  • Access to the VIP lounge everyday from 15:00 - 00:00 o'clock
    - Included is the entire food supply and all drinks in the VIP lounge (special buffet from 18:00 h)
    - Backstage and stage management of certain Acts
    - Musically synchronized giant fireworks and the best view of the stage

€ 430


Participation in the "World Bodypainting Photo Award" only
(for visitors at the WBF)

  • Participation in the photo contest " World Bodypainting Photo Award "
  • The closing date for entries is 30 September 2014
  • The photo catalog will be sent to all participants of the competition .

€ 30



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