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Bodies & Beats Line up

A Fusion of Bodies & Beats is celebrated during the World Bodypainting Festival week. We are very happy to offer also in this year a fantastic and very selective music program to our guests in Bodypaint City in particular during the 3 main days. Again international and national acts on main and side stages. are performing from morning till late in the genres of raggae, hip hop, dancehall, pop, country as well as a selective DJ line up with variouse styles.


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Working on 2017

Line up From 2016



SKa (Austria)

Peace Love & Russian Roll

Russkaja Bild


Russkaja is the exact opposite of Easy Listening music, Russkaja - terror of terrors of all Russian folk music societies - stands for fat Austrian Polka beats. The group members are the most illustrious musicians of the Alpine region, who possess a colourful mix of cultural backgrounds. They pour these various cultural influences into a postmodern version of Russian folk and spread their distinctive music all over Europe. It is sweaty and shouts out loud: Dance Dance Dance! It is a clash of trash metal, world jazz, funky stuff and Frank Zappa-esque Rock. All these things signify: Get down to business!



Wake me up

Russkaja VideoBild

Psycho Traktor

Russkaja VideoBild2


Russkaja VideoBild3

Shantel & The Bucovina Club Orchestra

Balkan Beat (Germany)

 Disko, Disko Partizani!

Shantel Bild

Cosmopolitan, globetrotter, paprika bambaataa, constantly in search of new sounds: Shantel has form when it comes to turning pop cultural clichés and conventionally accepted genre definitions upside down. When he then goes on, with his Bucovina Club Orkestar, to bring the entire stage to life, moulding global sounds into compact, anarchic hymns, eclecticism and escapism no longer seem so very far apart. No worries: The Kiez is Alright. Disko Devil Shantel is on the case.
After pioneering the concept of Balkan clubbing with his now-legendary Bucovina Club parties and albums, after setting very high standards for dancefloor-oriented Gypsy music with his own seminal tracks and with his remixes of tracks by Mahala Rai Banda, Taraf de Haidouks & more...Shantel has now moved on to the next step with the fab Disko Partizani! album, which lays the groundwork for a new brand of pop music.



Disko Partizani

Shantel VideoBild

Citizen of planet paprika

Shantel VideoBild2

Disko Devil

Shantel VideoBild3


Pop music with Amore (Austria)

Not long ago you had to explain complicately who you are talking about. – Nowadays you just say one word and everyone knows who it is about: „Amore“!

Wanda Bild

Within a remarkably short period of time Wanda and their debut album not only managed to move up the ranks to Platinum level in Austria, the band also quite casually introduced their own catchword into the dictionary of German pop culture: "Amore".

The five guys around charismatic frontman Marco Michael Wanda call their music “pop music with Amore”, that means they sing mostly about love, sometimes in a cynical way and always in authentic Viennese slang.

Wanda, this Viennese suburb band, is not only the best, it´s maybe also the first Austrian Rock´n´Roll band ever.



Bussi Baby

Wanda VideoBild1


Wanda VideoBild2

Meine beiden Schwestern

Wanda VideoBild3


Electropop (Germany)


Glasperlenspiel Bild2

Eight golden discs, platin for the hit of the winter 2015/2016 “Geiles Leben”, great live concerts, a lot awards – Carolin Niemczyk and Daniel Grunenberg created with their electro-pop sound and their great texts & melodies her own pop music style. “Tag X” is the new album from GLASPERLENSPIEL is more sophisticated and more authentic. More perfect. More real.



Geiles Leben

Glasperlenspiel VideoBild


Glasperlenspiel VideoBild2


Mono & Nikitaman

Dancehall Reggae (Germany)


Mono Nikitaman Bild2


After hitting ‘reset’ and cutting their ties to everything and everyone, Mono & Nikitaman have released their best album yet: ‘Im Rauch der Bengalen’. Catchy melodies mixed with unstoppable energy create a unique, Do-It-Yourself sound.
In 2012, the duo announced a hiatus after more than 800 live shows. Now, without pressure or expectation, they were free to create a new album with a brand new feel and flavour. ‘Im Rauch der Bengalen’ is the first release from their own label, M&N records (established in 2015).
Their lyrics are powerful and full of attitude. Their sold-out live shows are thrilling and genre-defying. Finally a real band with something to say! Mono & Nikitaman.




Mono Nikitaman VideoBild

Das Alles (Live)

Mono Nikitaman VideoBild2

DIgge Digge

Mono Nikitaman VideoBild3


Electro-Swing Reggae Mix (Germany)

“Don´t forget your dancing shoes”

dunkelbunt Bild

Originally from Hamburg he now lives in Vienna and is well known under his stage name [dunkelbunt]. For years his productions have followed the credo of ’anything is possible!’. Balkan Beats meet Electro Swing, Hip Hop grooves with Sunshine Reggae and Bluegrass collides with Bollywood Trap. Vocals are sung in at least 14 different languages (even live!) and although there is the odd pensive moment the main vibe is Party! Party! So don't forget your dancing shoes.



Egal (ft. Alix)

dunkelbunt VideoBild1

Cinnamon Girl - live

dunkelbunt VideoBild2


Jimmy and the Goofballs

Reggae/Funk/Brass (Austria)


Jimmy theGoofballs Bild

Jimmy and the Goofballs are an eleven man band from Austria. The music they play is full of energy and a great mix of genres like Reggae, Hip-Hop, Funk or Brass. Their texts are in German language and animating the crowd to smile, dance and sing.



Jimmy das durchgeknallte kind

Jimmy theGoofballs VideoBild


Jimmy theGoofballs VideoBild2



Reggae/Ska (Austria)

 REGGAE SKA RUB A DUB DANCE music since 1997!

Tschebberwooky Bild

After 350 live concerts & some special trips the Band from Styria is now working on their 5th album and is again on STILL WOOKY Tour next year 2016. There will be songs like Riddim, My record on top and a punch of new songs fill up a special show. So let´s go and come and share your dance skills with us or let the Riddims take you on a journey...




Tschebberwooky VideoBild



Sick Growing

Pop/rock (Austria)


SickGrowing Bild

Sick Growing is an austrian Pop/ Rock band who was found in february 2013.



Here´s to us

SickGrowing VideoBild



Ms. Selie

Singer/Songwriter (Austria)


Ms. Selie neu

Piano, guitar, ukulele and her voice – that is all the pop music singer/songwriter needs to bring her songs to life. For more than five years Ms. Selie is writing songs now. She got inspired when she was 15 by a movie called “Amelie”. Ms. Selie couldn’t get rid of the piano music until she started to
play too. Her passion and love for music got bigger with every minute she spent practicing. It didn’t take long until she wrote her own melodies and also her lyrics about experiences she went through in her past and dreams she has for the future. Most of the stories in her songs are about everyday situations which tend to drift away from reality. The line between fantasy and reality seems to blur which creates the feeling of freedom. And this is what Ms. Selie’s songs stand for. There is no “Right or Wrong”. For the Pop musician art is a world full of possibilities, a world of unrestricted creation and especially the freedom of being who you are.



Go back home

MsSelie VideoBild



Lucille´s Voodoo

Blues (Austria)

Blues is the roots, everything else is the fruits! – Willie Dixon

LucillesVoodoo Bild

From the rugged thumping tunes of the backcountry juke joints and barrelhouses, over the amplified electrifying sound of the urban blues clubs to the very soulful, heartfelt, hypnotic tunes, you name it. The group Lucille’s Voodoo has got it all cooked, packed up and ready to go. But of course those are just words, if you want a real taste, come listen to the music.


Got my mojo workin'

LucillesVoodoo Videobild



Minor Movement

Gipsy-swing/Dub-Reggae (Germany)


MinorMovement Bild

Minor Movement are a young band from Germany which play a mix of Balkan, Gypsy-Swing & Dub-Reggae.


where do they run to

MinorMovement VideoBild

Minor diner

MinorMovement VideoBild2


Georg Viktor Emmanuel

Livelooping (Austria)


GeorgViktorEmmanuel Bild

GEORG VIKTOR EMMANUEL creates music from another world with his voice only - no instruments. By recording his mouth-made drum-, bass-, keys-, trumpet-, guitar sounds in realtime on a loop station he creates a playback live on the spot & sings on top of it with energy, passion and soul - making people worldwide dance and party! The vocal artist brought his BEATPARTY already to 18 countries on 4 continents, he won contests, was guest on TV & Radio shows in several countries and is 2-time finalist of the Boss-Looper-World-Championship. Check out further infos & cool videos at


The Dubai X-perience

GeorgViktorEmmanuel VideoBild1

Rock me Amadeus live in London

GeorgViktorEmmanuel VideoBild2


City Lights Calling

Acoustic (Austria)




Massive acoustic fun, nothing more, nothing less.



Coffee Colombia

Citylightscalling Video


Rigo Masiala and the Okapi Band

Afro Reggae (Congo/Austria)


Rigo Bild


Rigo Masiala was born and grew up in the Democratic Republic Kongo.
The band "Rigo Masiala and the Okapi Band" combines Afro Roots Reggae with World Music. 
The rhythm of their music makes everyone dance. You can feel the sound with all senses.
The group is not only a mix of traditions and modern, it's also brings people from different continents together.




Rigo Masiala Freedom Kongo Fighters Video

African Reggae (Live at the WBF 2015)

Rigo VideoBild2

Stefan Thaler & Band

Acoustic Rock (Austria)


Stefan Thaler Bild2


A different type of musician. Some call him singer/songwriter. However, he himself would say he is an instrumentalist. His lyrics are on the one hand thoughtful, on the other hand playful, but always directly taken from real life. In his songs, you can find acoustic guitar with rhythmic elements such as base drum or tambourine. That's the thing what makes him special – his variety! And this year with band.
He had the pleasure to be onstage with bands like Julian le Play, Bilderbuch, Kreisky or Blackout Problems. With his new album "Willkommen & Abschied" which will be released in summer 2014, he will be on tour all over Europe.
The aim is to move on forwards while he is never forgetting the roots.




Beachy Head

Stefan Thaler VideoBild1


Stefan Thaler VideoBild2


Simon Wahl

Guitar (Austria)


SimonWahl Bild

They call him „master of melodies“ and his concerts are a pleasure for the soul. Following his own vocation he enables the audience to dive into another world and experience music at another level. Aside of his classical guitar studies at the Anton Bruckner University, Linz/Austria, where he is taught by the internationally recognised Michael Langer, the 24 year old guitarist is consistently moving from one concert to another throughout Europe. In the year 2013 alone he played over 70 shows in 6 countries. Amongst other distinctions he has won the „Acoustic Grand Slam“ in Freiburg/Germany. He is frequently invited to perform at international guitar festivals with famous artists like Adam Rafferty, Pierre Bensusan or Don Ross. Have you ever had the pleasure of listening to a virtuoso player combining a variety of rhythmic expressions simultaneously? Have you ever heard one guitar producing a melodic song accompanied with bass slapping, percussion and fingerpicking? As a one man band Simon Wahl masterly merges rhythms with beautiful melodies to develop his own style, a crossover of Pop, Rock, Hip Hop and Flamenco. He is continuously creating new sounds and soundeffects which make it hard to believe that a single acoustic guitar can produce all of these features. What remains for the audience to do is to listen and enjoy.




SimonWahl VideoBild



Fabio Marziali

Jazz/House (Italy)


FabioMarziali Bild

He is one of the young promises of the Italian jazz scene, with a warm but edgy voice, winner of many national and international awards and with 3 albums released as, the last one featuring the famous guitar player Jonathan Kreisberg from New York and with the band Unicam Jazz Quartet.



Love Me Tonight

FabioMarziali VideoBild2






Pablo *J

Organic Indie Music (Austria)


PabloJ Bild2

Pablo has been traveling the world with his fresh and dynamic music. From the streets of Mexico City to a stadium of ten thousand people, from the holy mountain Rila to the deepest outback in Austria, Pablo´s extravagant songs have been touching the souls and moving the bodies of people worldwide.
In the summer of 2014, Sajona played her way into Pablo´s heart. Her intense grooves and soothing voice completes this musical vision. Yang meets Yin, magic is happening on stage and beyond. Everyday is a gift, every concert an experience worth it´s while.
Viva la Evolución! Music for Change!


all you three chords in the garden

PabloJ VideoBild




Acoustic Live Trance (Japan/Belgium)


Keyaki Bild1

Japanese tribal instrumental musician and composer based in Brussels. Playing Digeridoo, Djembe, Xylophone, Percussion, etc, at the same time. It's live acoustic trance music. Born in Tokyo 1975 and started the career as percussionist. Graduated west african rhythm drum school "TamTam Mandingue Japan" After went AfricaGuinee and Mali to learn west african rhythm 2010, He started traveling Europe, Asia, Australia with busking 4 years as a street musician. He met Didgeridoo, Xylophone during this traveling and then create his own style. It became original live acoustic trance one man show now.



Acoustic Psytrance

Keyaki VideoBild



Kings Crown Sound

Reggae DJ (Austria)


KingsCrownSound Bild

Kings Crown is the vinylsavin´ Sound outta Steel City/ Upper Austria. Inspired by people like Bob Marley, Dennis Brown, Peter Tosh (only fi name a few) and other great artists, Ulef started to listen to reggae music inna the early 90´s. Nearly one and a half decade later he decided to start a sound called "Kings Crown Sound" - with the ambition to bring the positive vibration of this lovely music to people from all around the world. KCS is about finest Roots Reggae Music, from di older days like Studio 1, modern Roots up to every kind of Dancehall madness! Kings Crown´s also well known for his special party selection - only thing you can do: DANCE!
Over the past years he played a lot of shows on festivals, events, concerts and alongside many big artists & sounds in Austria and abroad. Starting internationally with his 1st sucsessful US Tour on the westcoast in 2015, Kings Crown Sound will be back in the USA for his 2nd US „Ready Fi Di Road“ Tour on the Eascoast in April 2016.
So put your dancing shoes and enjoy a musical adventure to the sounds of the Caribbean!!!







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